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Looking fit doesn't come natural to me either!

I wish I had a drastic 60lb weight loss story to tell you, but that's not the case. I was just blessed with big hips, thick legs and along with that came thick EVERYTHING (thanks mom)! I was never drastically overweight, but I sure wasn't petite either.


After years of hearing "here Meg these are too big for me, you can have them", and comparing my size 9's to their size 0's I couldn't help but develop insecurities about my body. Although I led people to believe I was confident, I was actually really insecure and had a laundry list of things I hated about my appearance. Once I moved away to college I started going to the gym with my friends. 30 minutes of cardio and a few Ab exercises prevented me from gaining the freshman 15 but didn't lead to a super fit body or make me feel any less insecure.

I made one of the biggest commitments ever!

A year or so later, I got on one of my random spurts of motivation and hired a personal trainer, which somehow lead to training for a physique competition. I fully committed to the gym and a "clean" meal plan. Overnight I turned into that chick carrying around a gallon jug of water, 6 Tubberware containers of my precise, weighed out meals and doing intense workouts that left me laid out on the gym floor. In the process I became passionate about health and fitness,  if I wasn't at the gym I was reading or watching something related to health, I became a group exercise instructor and was quite a little fitness guru.  The morning of my show I remember looking in the mirror, shocked,  and telling my mom "I can't believe I look like this."  

I didn't win, but being on that stage was one of the most rewarding moments of my life. I walked out on a stage in front hundreds of people, wearing a tiny rhinestone bikini with all the confidence in the world.


 I loved my body. BUT that wasn't all she wrote, after my competition I was still in college and over the course of the next 3 years I had a few too many beers, my health kick was put on the back burner and I slowly gained 25lbs, which left me 10lbs heavier than I had ever been.  

All of my insecurities CAme flooding back

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but this time as a young adult I was also dealing with the stresses of a career, money and the future. My insecurities turned into anxiety

  • I worried about everything from something I said to someone weeks ago to stressing about a picture someone tagged me in on Facebook that I "looked fat" in.
  • I stayed in relationships with men, correction: boys, that didn't value me, that made me question my own self-worth
  • I hung with friends that were really good at giving backhanded compliments and making me feel like everything was a competition
  •  I had this pattern of starting on a workout plan, then giving up and repeating that same pattern over and over


I'm not really sure there was an exact moment that turned my "I'm sick of this" switch on again, but I signed up for an online workout program that laid out a workout and meal plan for me and it was exactly the structure I needed. I got back in my groove and  I decided I needed some type of accountability, so I started sharing my fitness journey on social media. I was amazed at the support I received and it lit this fire inside me.

My passion for health and fitness was born again

People started reaching out to me for advice and it gave me this incredible sense of purpose, I saw other ladies online using social media as a way to support other women and help them crush their fitness goals and I was determined to do the same. 

This is where my AH- mazing Fiance, Josh, comes in. Josh gave me the opportunity to quit my corporate job, to pursue my passion. I became a NASM certified personal trainer, working one- on -one with local clients, started teaching spin classes again, but I wanted to not only help women in my local area but women nationwide.


to help other women live a life of purpose, self-confidence, and step by step guidance to crush their goals. 

My fit girls aren't just clients, we are in this together