A Bikini Competitors Top 4 Dieting Secrets

bikini competitors diet

Food is my best friend, yet my worst enemy. Can I get an AMEN! If I could eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I would, beeelieve dat!!! But unfortunately, my momma blessed me with the “eat one cookie, gain 10lbs” curse! 

There are a million people out there that have come up with “The Best Diet,” all the studies and facts to prove that their diet will get you the flat tummy you've always wanted. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so you bite the bullet and commit to one of these diets which tell you to eliminate carbs, or require you to function off of 700 calories. Will that make you lose weight? Most likely it will, but it's not sustainable and difficult to stay committed to. Meaning, it’s usually a quick fix, but part of that vicious cycle of losing a few pounds, gaining it back and feeling like you,re never making much progress.

Now, I’m not claiming to be the next “Best Diet” expert by any means, but what I am going to point out is athletes, bikini competitors and any fitness inspiration you have seen online doesn’t get those results by eliminating carbs or minimizing their calorie count to extreme lows. Eating less isn’t the answer if you want sustainable results!

Once upon a time I trained for a bikini competition, I learned the secrets to eating like a physique competitor, and first hand experienced the complete transformation of my body in doing so. Before my training began, I thought I was a pretty healthy eater. I’d usually have yogurt and fruit for breakfast, a turkey sandwich with wheat bread for lunch, salad with grilled chicken for dinner and some trail mix or protein bars in between for snacks. I was shocked that my new trainer wasn’t impressed. Little did I know I wasn’t getting enough of the foods/nutrients my body needed to burn fat while still building lean muscle. She wanted me to EAT MORE! This was when I learned the Top 4 Secrets to a bikini competitors diet. 

#1 Don’t Stress Over Not Eating Past 7 pm

Think about this, while you're sleeping your body is still functioning, you're not freaking turning off like a computer; therefore your body still needs fuel to function (food). Usually, this is how it goes… you stop eating 3 hours before bed, then sleep for 7 hours, then skip breakfast and come lunch time,  now 15 hours later, you eat a big lunch because by then you’re super hungry. At this point, that big lunch is just feeding your fat cells, because your body wants to hang onto it in case you go another 15 hours before you eat again.

#2 Don’t Skip Breakfast 

We’ve all heard it, yet most people still do it! It’s called Break- fast for a reason. Ya know those 7 hours you are sleeping we just talked about? yea.. there is no better way to get your metabolism back up and running in full gear than to break the fast, by drumroll please … eating breakfast. 

#3 Eat Clean

My trainer told me I was a magazine dieter. I was frequently eating (6 times a day), but I wasn’t fueling my body with the right foods. Instead, I was eating things like processed granola bars and wheat bread that weren’t benefiting my body. Eating clean means eating unprocessed foods, if it didn’t once breath or grow from the ground, then it is processed in some way. Take bread, for example, loafs of bread don’t grow from the ground, grains and flour are man-made in a factory somewhere to make the bread. These processes completely strip the product of all it’s natural nutrients and is now just empty useless calories that take your body longer to digest. A good rule of thumb, if it has more than one ingredient don’t make it a primary part of your diet. Instead of a turkey sandwich have grilled chicken and half of a sweet potato. 

#4 Be Prepared

I don’t know about you, but if I’m hungry, I’m going to eat whatever is convenient. If lunch time rolls around and everyone's ordering pizza, I’m probably not going by myself to find a healthier option. If I get home from a long day at work, I’m defiantly not grilling up chicken, baking a sweet potato and steaming broccoli… I’m going for the quick, easy, processed snack. If you are prepared you never have to make these decisions and are more likely to stay committed to your health kick. Cook and portion out all of your meals Sunday night. Every morning all you have to do is grab tubber ware, and go! And don’t just pack foods for the day, have your after work meals ready in the refrigerator. Make it easy for yourself.

I’m thinking about doing a Free 3 Day Meal Prep info sesh, which will include a meal plan, shopping list, a complete step by step meal prep instruction video. Would that be helpful? Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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