Should You Lift Heavy Or Use Lighter Weights And Do More Reps?


There is one quick quiz that can easily determine if you should or should not lift heavy.

“I don’t want to look like a man.”

I know what you're thinking because I also thought that lifting heavy weights would eventually make me look like a man, which is defiantly not my goal. I associated female body builders with women who lifted heavy, but that is seriously not a fair assumption. Most “manly looking” female bodybuilders take drugs to elevate their testosterone, which allows them to build huge muscles like we are used to seeing on men.

If a woman and a man did the same, intense, heavy lifting style workout program for an extended period without any drugs, they would NOT have the same physical results. The man would still have drastically bigger muscles. 

You will not turn into the hulk over night

Now another important thing to keep in mind is that building muscle is a gradual process. TRUST ME you will not wake up one morning and look like a body builder. Let’s just say you start to lift heavy and eventually decide you are happy with the amount of muscles you have gained it’s as simple as you stop lifting heavy at that point and do workouts that maintain your physique. It’s not like once you start lifting heavy your muscles will just continue growing and growing. It’s a gradual process that you have to work on continuously.

Guys and girls have an entirely different chemical make up, so ladies DON’T BE AFRAID TO LIFT HEAVY! 

How does lifting heavy benefit women?

When you lift heavy your muscle fibers break down and rebuild this process happens with TUT (Time Under Tension = how long a muscle is under strain during a set) Obviously the heavier the weight, the more your muscles will strain and over time the more muscle you will build! 

You want to build as much muscle as possible because it increases your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which is basically your metabolism. If you increase your BMR, you also increase how many calories your body burns at a resting heart rate. 

So to make a long explanation short… The heavier you lift, the more muscle you build. The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn, and you will not look like a man in the process I PROMISE! 

Now to set the record straight I’m not saying light weight with more reps is bad, it will build muscle in a different way/different part of your muscles. In fact, I incorporate both heavyweight fewer reps and light weight more reps into my workouts, but you will get better, quicker results from lifting heavy.