Where I Buy the Comfiest, Cheapest, Booty Poppin' Workout Pants

The best, cheapest workout pants

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bargain shopper. I mean who seriously spends $80 on 1 pair of workout pants? I sure don’t and if you do, you cray! I spend most of the day in my workout clothes and I’m sure you'd agree it's important to look good in your gym outfit and of course for a good price too! 

The Perfect Fit for Under $19.99

There are two pricey workout pant brands that I’m obsessed with, but I never have and never will pay full price for; Marika and 90 Degree. 

Marika leggings are the most comfortable leggings ever, make the booty look extra nice and are made of a really soft material like these workout pants are better than lululemon. In fact, my fiance has said they are his favorite on more than one occasion, haha, so clearly they pass the “lookin’ good” requirement too. They have a lot of  workout pants with mesh and I found a few pair online with the cell phone holder side pockets that I can't wait to find in T.J. Maxx. Usually, if you are buying Marika leggings online you’ll pay $45-$65 a pair, but before buying them online you have to check out T.J. Maxx, they always have them, and I’ve never paid more than $15-$19.99 for a pair! I have also seen Marika workout pants on Amazon, but I personally like trying them on before buying them. 

90 Degree leggings fit like a glove! You don't have to worry about these workout pants always falling down or being see through, which is always nice on leg day! They seem to be made of that smooth, stretchy material that always shows every bump, dimple and any imperfection that I don’t want people staring at, but these are the exception to the rule. They are very slimming, and I get compliments on my 90-degree pants every time I wear them. I have a black pair, camo, bright blue, and a super hot pink, love them all, but the original sticker price says $88 (no way). Again, at T.J. Maxx they always have them, and for only $19.99. (you can see all of my workout outfits if you visit my instagram @mermaid_with_muscles every pair of workout pants I own are from T.J. Maxx)

T.J. Maxx has a workout section, which you can also find dumbbells, water bottles, shaker cups, foam rollers, workout gloves, medicine balls, yoga mats  and all your workout clothing essentials for really low prices. Like shaker cups, which we all know are usually $20- $30, you can get them for $4-$7. Moral of the story, If you aren’t already a T.J. Maxx shopper you need to be!

I Bought 3 Pairs of Nike's for under $100

OK, so on your to-do list for the next weekend you are free ask Siri to find the closest Nike Outlet near you. Sometimes I’ll find hoodies and workout tanks on sale, but what I really go there for are the shoes! They have a huge shoe section, which I have bought my last five pairs of Nike’s for $20- $50, talk about a good deal! It’s AMAZING! You could easily get 3-4 pair for $100 or less . Go on and get you a nice little shoe collection going on girl!

Do you have any go-to places for good deals? share below in the comments, I love good deals!

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