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1. Watch "Let's Set Some Goals + Make It Happen" 


2. Your First Check In

Download the Progress Tracker and Calendar take your measurements + "Before" photo, and email them to 

3. Download or Bookmark these Resources:

Cardio Guide
My tips for making cardio easier and Cardio Workouts
 (further instructions each week)

Recommended Gym Gear + Supplements
This is a list of gym gear, equipment and supplements I use and love for my workouts. Your gym will likely have some of the equipment mentioned, but if not these are the brands I would suggest. 

Equipment + Workout Glossary
Easily identify any workout descriptions or equipment mentioned through out the program that you are unsure what I'm talking about.

Travel/ At Home Workouts
10 workouts that you can do on vacation or at home on days you can't make it into the gym #noexcuses


That's It for now, you're ready for week 1!

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