11 Best Gifts for your Boyfriend or Husband who Works out

Men are seriously hard to shop for! They seem to have everything they want already, and when you think about it, they are usually a lot more picky about clothes than us girls.

If you’re still trying to figure out what to get your boyfriend or husband for Valentine's day, last minute Christmas shopping or looking for a sweet gift for him just because I picked my gym loving husbands brain to put together a list of the best gifts for men who like to workout!

If you are last minute shopping don’t worry, there several items on the list from Amazon Prime and an idea to easily find local, so you can still get it right on time!

11 gifts for your boyfriend who likes to workout

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  1. Jaybird Bluetooth headphones

JayBird headphones are the bomb dot com for any activity. So whether your man is into lifting, running, biking, jumping these headphones don’t fall out of your ears constantly and are fully weatherproof.

My husband loves the ability to adjust the sound, bass all those things guys care about that I don’t have a clue about right on a mobile app and the 8-hour battery life, there is nothing worse than showing up for your workout, and your headphones are dead.

You can grab them on Amazon Prime here.

2. Qalo Silicone Ring

I think this one is more of a gift for your husband, maybe not a boyfriend unless things are pretty serious lol.

Qalo rings are made of silicone, so they are more functional than your hubby’s wedding band. If he works out a lot or works with his hands, he will really love the comfort of a Qalo ring.

You can even make it extra special by getting one of their custom engraved silicone rings. If your man is into that kind of thing, my husband is a pretty romantic guy and love a sweet little message engraved on the inside of his ring.

You can check out all the options on their site here. I got my husband one for only $20.


3. YETI Hopper Portable Cooler

A Yeti Hopper Portable cooler is so versatile he could use it for taking beers to a football game or to keep it gym bro themed he can use it for his meal prepped food depending on how much of a gym bro he is!

You can snag on here on Amazon Prime.

4. Gift Card to his Favorite Supplement Shop

No gym bro can be a gym bro without his protein shake, pre-workout or whatever other supplements he’s into. And supplements can get pretty pricey, so your man would defiantly love a gift card to his favorite local vitamin/supplement shop to support his gym bro lifestyle!

5. EWP PreWorkout

If you know that he doesn’t use pre-workout or has mentioned that he wants to try a new one I highly recommend Enter With Purpose products. EWP mango Punch is my husbands favorite pre-workout, gives you that gym hype, a good pump and you can’t go wrong with any of the flavor choices they have.

You can grab some here on Amazon.

6. Portable Foam Roller

This Foam roller works wonders on sore muscles. Rather than massages, my husband loves when I roll him out and if your man works out every day treating him to a weekly roll-out session will soon be his favorite gift ever!

You can grab one on Amazon here.

7. Cheat Meal Gift Card

I admittedly put this on the list because I’d love this gift too haha. I mean who doesn’t love to eat, especially men. If your man is a pretty strict, healthy eater 90% of the time a fun gift would be a gift card to his favorite restaurant, ice cream shop, or his favorite sweet treat so you can treat him to a big ol cheat meal!

8. Keto Subscription Box

If your man happens to be on a Keto Diet, the Onnit Keto Subscription Box is a winner! Every month he will be sent a box jam-packed with Keto friendly snacks, new supplements to try out, low carb ingredients and more! I started getting my own box, my husband got jealous, so now we pay for two subscription boxes a month!

We have discovered some of our favorite Keto treats and supplements from receiving the monthly box.

You can sign him (or yourself) up for the Onnit Keto Monthly Box Here.

9. Versa Grips

My husband and I both use Versa Grips. Versa Grips are men (and women) who are weightlifting. The point of them is for arch support to prevent carpal tunnel and prevent nerve damage to your hands and wrists and help with extended grip strength.

I wear them because I have tendentious in my right wrist which got to the point where I had to stop lifting for a few months until my physical therapist recommended Versa grips, which allow me to lift without putting too much strain on that wrist.

For your typical guy, I’d order a Large

You can buy them on Amazon Prime here.

10. Hydro Flask

This Hydro Flask is actually a 64 oz Steel Beer Growler, but it’s also perfect for the gym... preferably with water inside lol. The hydra flask is double wall vacuum insulated, so it keeps water ice cold, and it’s manly enough that my hubby doesn’t mind carrying it!

You can grab it on Amazon here.

11. Under Armor Workout Shorts

You can’t go wrong with these under armor workout shorts, the are basic, have pockets, comfy and my husbands all time favorite shorts for working out he literally has two pairs of each color. Men don’t like to do laundry so he will appreciate extra workout shorts.

You can find them here on Amazon.