Best Workout Leggings for Women- Squat Proof with Pockets

I understand the struggle of finding the perfect pair of workout leggings. I actually thought I had finally found a pair of high waisted, “squat proof” leggings that I loved, until halfway through my workout my husband walked over and whispered in my ear “hot pink” and after a few seconds I realized my “squat proof Leggings”, weren’t so squat proof after all!

But rest assured ladies I have found the absolute best high waisted, squat proof leggings, oh and they have pockets too!

This post contains affiliate links. I may make commission if you make a purchase. I only recommend products that I have tried and loved.

I have 100% tested these leggings with squats, running, lifting, yoga, lounging and even running errands (the pockets come in handy for things you wouldn’t even think of)

Curves were just made with every size and shape woman in mind!

The name is pretty spot on because the stitching of the lines down the sides and slight heart shape on the back side is designed to accentuate your curves in all the right places and hide imperfections!

You’re going to love that Curves Leggings are:

  • Squat proof

  • Mid and high waist options

  • 7/8 length for the shorties

  • Full length for the tall girls

  • Reduce visibility of sweat marks

  • Don’t fade in color

  • They’re all about empowering women

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Squat Proof Leggings

The fabric Curves are made of is a polyester-spandex blend and like I said have been put to the test. No panties will show through.

I have worn black panties with the light rose gold color and the American flag shorts that have white stripes, they are 100% squat proof. Curves even have a squat proof guarantee!

They also have a little patch in the crotch area for comfort and no camel toe (kinda weird writing that out on my post).

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Workout Leggings with Pockets

My absolute favorite thing about Curves Leggings is the pockets on both sides! Even their shorts come with pockets!

The pockets are so handy during workouts. You don’t have to worry about carrying around your phone, or in my case leaving your phone lying around somewhere trying to retrace all your steps in a panic to find it after your workout!

Also, the pockets are a game changer if you’re a runner. No annoying armband to hold your phone and the material partially spandex so its snug enough that you don’t have to worry about your phone flying out.

Mid-High Waisted

Curves come in different waistlines. A majority of their styles are a mid/high waist. They cover the lower tummy area that we all need a little extra help with. They usually sit up to around the belly button.

They have several high waisted options, which I love. I have seen some companies that their high waisted options are way to extreme, Curves high waisted come up just above the belly button.

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Quick Drying Fabric

It’s kind of embarrassing how sweaty I get, I mean nobody wants to walk around the gym looking like they peed their pants! I have never had a pair of leggings that prevented sweat marks as Curves leggings do!

After my toughest workouts, my shirt is drenched, but my leggings look like I didn’t even workout! It’s amazing!


Curves Leggings run true to size. They do kind of have a compression feel to them, so I recommend going with your normal size, unless you are kind of in between sizes, then I would definitely go with the larger of the two.

The only exception to the rule is their shorts. The shorts run a little smaller, so I would go one size up.

Either way, Curves has an exchange policy so if they don’t fit you can exchange them for the correct size so no worries!

Their leggings come in two lengths, 7/8 which are a high ankle/ low calf length on me (I’m 5’7) and perfect for shorter ladies. The owner of the company says that she is 5’2 and the 7/8 are the perfect “full length” for her.

I usually go with full length since I’m a little taller, but even models that are 6’ are shown wearing the full length!

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The color that will Not Fade

They come in so many beautiful colors and even a few specialty patterns like the American Flags and Mermaids. I love that the leggings are dyed, not printed on so the colors won’t fade.

Ship So Fast

I hate ordering something and then waiting 2 weeks to get it! Every time I have order Curves leggings, which is six times to be exact I have always received my order within 2-3 days!

They also ship to APO/FPO addresses and other countries!

Huge Military Supporters

As a military wife myself, I love that the company is veteran owned and huge supporters of the men and women who serve our country!

In fact, a portion of their proceeds goes towards sending care packages overseas, which just makes my heart so happy.

Click here to Visit Curves site use code MERMAID for a discount!

Empowering Women

Curves owner, Sarah is also all about empowering women, in and out of uniform. I love seeing women inspiring other women to show the world truly how strong women can be. Curves has this community behind the brand the just makes you feel good to be a part of.

Once I tried Curves leggings, fell in love with them and learned more about the company I just knew it was something I wanted to support and be a part of it, so I teamed up with Curves to get you an additional 10% off your purchase today and any future purchases. Just use code “MERMAID” at checkout!

If you have more questions, leave a comment below and if you try a par for yourself let me know what you think and tag me on Instagram @themermaidwithmuscles