The Fastest Way to Burn Stubborn Fat

Most people think the fastest way to burn fat is by doing cardio. That's why all of us ladies flock to the cardio section of the gym and run our little hearts out on the treadmill for 45 minutes. However, distance running or spending hours on cardio equipment at the same steady pace is effective for building endurance and will burn fat, but it's not the fastest way to burn fat. 

Why should you do high-intensity interval training?

I’d like to introduce you to your new friend catecholamines. Catecholamine mobilizes fat for fuel, and to make a long explanation short, plays a primary role in the breakdown of that stubborn fat you can’t seem to kick. The most effective type of exercise that produces Catecholamines is high-intensity interval training. The more intense the exercise, the more catecholamines are released.

Don't be a victim to the mind set that you need to ease into a workout routine. In most cases you get frustrated knowing that you've been slaving on that damn treadmill everyday and feel hopeless, because you aren't seeing the expected results, so you give up. You can achieve your goal!!  If your goal is to burn fat, but you're limited on time, start doing high-intensity interval training at least three times a week for the most effective fat burning in the shortest amount of time. 

  • Sprints
  • Strength training circuits
  • HIIT
  • Tabata

The After Burn effect

If eliminating 45 min runs on the treadmill wasn’t good enough news, high-intensity interval training also causes you to burn more calories even after your workout, A.K.A The After Burn Effect. (In my manliest voice). Um, hello, hours after leaving the gym you're still burning calories...#winning! 

Let me break it down for ya'...If you do a 20-minute workout; 10 rounds of 30 second push followed by 90 seconds of rest (do body squats for 30 seconds, rest for 90) you will have a higher after burn effect compared to running at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. After intense exercise, your body has to work twice as hard to replenish its oxygen stores than it does after steady-state exercise.( I can show you step by step how to make the most effective workout plan + you can download a free workout planner)

So, ladies, I know cardio and abs are supposed to be our thing but to burn that stubborn fat in the most effective and fastest way we need to be doing more high-intensity interval training. So it's time to put your ponytail up and get a little sweaty!

 The good news is I have already put together a 5-day printable workout plan for you to get started. Download the 5-Day workout plan and share it with your friends and keep me updated on your progress.

What has been your biggest struggle when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals? I’d love to help, leave me a comment below and share this with someone you know that could benefit from this post too! 

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