Full Body Resistance Band Workout for Women [video demo]

A full body resistance band workout for women that you can do at home, in the gym or even the perfect hotel gym workout. All you need are resistance bands!

I love exercise band work, it’s a nice change from heavy weightlifting workouts. Over time, your muscles adapt to your usual exercise routine. It's important to mix it, each will work your muscles in a slightly different way.

I have listed out a detailed description for each exercise, made a demo video of the full workout and below you will see a picture of the written out workout so you can screenshot it and have it handy on your phone at the gym.

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AMRAP Workout

This resistance band workout is meant to be done as an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) So pick a set amount of time so wether you have 10 minutes or 30 you can make this workout happen, set your timer , complete 1 round of all 8 exercises and then repeat the circuit as many times as you can in the allotted time you set.

These are the resistance bands I used in the video and often times use at home or when I travel!

#fitchickbody.co Resistance Bands  Each resistance band offers a different level of resistance so you can progress to different bands as you see improvements. 

Power Systems Resistance Bands These resistance bands are great for resistance band arm exercises and are available in different strengths. If you just want to buy one I recommend the “Medium” which is the red resistance band.

  1. 15 Resistance Band Curls

Stand with a staggered stand and place the middle of the resistance band under your front foot. For more of a challenge stand with both feet on the resistance band. Keep your elbows and upper arm still as you curl the resistance band and lower back to the starting position with control.

2. 15 Resistance Band Overhead Tricep Extensions

Grab one hand with both hands overhead. Stand on the resistance band near the other handle. You can stand in the middle of the resistance band and hold both handles to make the exercise more difficult. Start with your elbows up, keeping your upper arm close to your ears. Extend your arms overhead, the only thing moving should be your forearm.

3. 10 Resistance Band Alternating Side to Front Raises

Again stand with one foot on the middle of the resistance band or stand on it with both feet for more resistance. Alternate raising your arms to sides then to the fronts. Never raising them higher than shoulder height. To the front and to the side = 1 rep

4. 15 Bent Over Resistance Band Rows

Stand on the resistance band with your feet shoulder width apart. Slightly bend over, but no hunching, keep your back and neck in one straight line. Start with your arms straight, bend at your elbows and drive your elbow back.


5. 20 Resistance Band Bicycles

Sit on the floor, press both feet against the center of the resistance band and alternate pulling your knees in towards your chest and back out. Each knee in counts as 1 rep!

6. 15 Banded Squats

Put a resistance band around your thighs, shoulder width stance and sit your butt back like you are sitting in a chair. Try to keep your chest up, back straight and don’t let your knees in line with your toes.

7. 20 Banded Side Steps

Leave the resistance band around your thighs, get low into a squat position and take wide side steps. Do 10 one way and then 10 back , stay low the entire time!

8. 10 (each Leg) Banded Kick Backs

Stand with your feet shoulder with apart and a slight bend your knees. Kick one leg back as if you are using your foot to press something backwards.


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