3 Easy Steps to Successfully Start a Workout Plan

What's holding you back from starting and sticking to a workout plan?

Here are 3 steps that will help plan and set better expectations to get started on a workout plan that you can stick to and actually get results! 

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Walk in the gym Confident AF

with a complete guide, so you know exactly what workouts to do

  1. Choose a broader goal with a meaning

This is probably a little different than what you are used to hearing, but I hear all the time “ I want to lose weight, get stronger, but not too bulky and a six pack, but I want my butt to get bigger.”

Here’s the truth! You’re doing too much and it’s unrealistic to expect that type of transformation when you are first starting out.

Plus, you can’t target specific areas to burn fat, so you cant do ab exercises expecting the fat to burn from your stomach, but not from your booty. (but we can talk about building a booty in another post)

Determine a goal with realistic expectations and something that’s a big motivator for you.

First, Identify what’s really most important to you, lose weight, fit into an old dress or maybe put on 10 lbs of muscle.

Think about what’s your biggest motivator, you don’t just want to lose weight… there’s usually always a deeper reason like you want to be able to run around with your kids outside for an hour without having to take a break every few minutes to catch your breath,

you want to go hiking with friends and not be the one slowing everyone down or a close relative passed away from health issues and you don’t want to follow in their footsteps.

What’s your deeper reason why you are doing this? that’s what will keep you going.

2. Determine how often you can train each week

And be realistic about it. If you have been struggling to go to the gym at all, maybe trying to commit to 5 days next week is just setting yourself up for failure.

Start with 2 days, write them on your calendar and make working out those 2 days a no matter what even if that means doing 20 minutes of squats and push-ups in your living room or going for a walk outside.

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Walk in the gym Confident AF

with a complete guide, so you know exactly what workouts to do

Focus on getting consistent and committed to working out before you overwhelm yourself trying to come up with a strategic workout plan. 

Your program will progress as you start getting familiar with the gym and working out consistently, but for now, try to do whatever you enjoy.

If you like dancing go to a Zumba class if you like running go outside and run. Try to learn to enjoy the process and get consistent 

3. Add in Strength Training

If you want to build a body with curves in all the right places, be more physically fit and just be more physically capable in your everyday life you should be doing strength training. 

Strength training makes your body more resilient & better at life. From carrying groceries into the house, walking up a flight of stairs to how you feel just getting out of bed in the morning. 

And yes ladies you too! I know many ladies are afraid of lifting heavy weights, but I swear you aren’t going to get bulky unless that's what you’re intending to do. If this is a fear of yours you need to check out my article “Should Women Lift Heavy or Use Lighter Weights and do more reps?” 

Plus you will love the fact that your body actually burns significantly more calories from 30 minutes of strength training than it from 30 minutes of steady state cardio. 

Again, don’t over complicate it.  Strength training can be as simple as a circuit of squats, push ups and sit ups. 

I know if you are already over thinking it and feeling like you have no idea what workouts you should do head over to The Ladies Locker Room on Facebook.

Once you join the group there is a link to my online locker room that is packed with HIIT workouts, strength training workouts and more! 

If you are still feeling intimidated by the gym check out my program Slay the Gym in 60 Days. A complete guide and workout plan so you can walk in the gym confident with a plan in hand knowing exactly what workouts to do, with demo videos for every exercise and weekly trying videos teaching everything you need to know to get results in the gym. 

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