5 Patriotic Workout Gear Must-Haves for Women

Ladies If you’re looking for the most patriotic workout gear these leggings, workout shorts, silicone rings, wrist wraps and workout gloves are a few must-haves in your gym bag.

You can support your country and look hot AF at the gym. Sounds like a win-win to me!

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1. "Red, White, and Badass" leggings with pockets

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I understand the struggle of finding the perfect pair of leggings but rest assured I have 100% tested about six pairs of curves leggings already. I am genuinely obsessed with the fit and the pockets on both sides.

I actually hate when I have no clean pairs because working out without the pockets to put my cell phone in is annoying. They are comfortable enough to lounge around in, but durable enough for intense workouts.

Oh and I have to mention that my awkward sweat marks don't show through nearly as much as with other workout pants. Curves Leggings are a polyester-spandex blend and fit true to size. 

  • High Waisted

  • 100% SQUAT PROOF, Not see through

  • Pockets on both sides

 2. Stars and Stripes Shorts with Pockets

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Ok, now Curves is just showing off! These shorts are too freaking cute! I typically hate spandex shorts, because I’m always having to pick a wedgie, but these are the first spandex shorts that DON’T RIDE UP!

(Note: I ordered the shorts one size up from what I usually wear in leggings, ordered a Large instead of my usual Medium)

I have 100% tested these in all facets of everyday life. I will literally only wear curves shorts for my morning routine of a 20-minute run and then watering my garden (true story) before going inside to write blogs for the day, why? 

Two reasons:

  • They are the only shorts I’ve found that don’t give me a wedgie

  • The pockets are a game changer. During my run and hosing my garden (wow, am I really writing this) I can keep my phone in my pocket and my music playing, no annoying armband to hold my phone.

Qalo Wedding rings are one of the first things I ordered after getting engaged because I was terrified of messing up my engagement ring and it was really uncomfortable to lift with it on too. 

The Qalo silicone rings are made for an active lifestyle, much safer and so much more comfortable while you're working out. Plus this red, white and blue stackable set is so patriotic and adorable. 

G-love Wrist Wraps are great for lifting, yoga, and Hiit circuits with a lot of push-ups, burpees and other exercises that put pressure on your wrists and hands to protect the tendons and muscles of your hands, wrist, and forearms.

Plus G-love has the cutest designs and are only $12. Use code MERMAID for an additional discount

I don't personally wear gloves when I lift anymore because I take pride in my calluses on my hands #gymrat; however, I know a lot of ladies would prefer to keep their hands soft and callus free. 

G-love workout gloves are the best quality made from hi-tech neoprene to be lightweight, breathable, and quick drying and it's a bonus that they have the prettiest designs! 

Use Code MERMAID for a discount

You’re going to look patriotic AF rocking all this red, white and blue gear! If you have any questions about any of the things I mentioned message me or leave a comment below, I’m happy to help! MERICA!

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