The #1 Reason You Aren't Losing Weight

How annoying is it that you’ve been working out six days a week, you’ve been suffering through a low-carb, low sugar diet, but you can’t seem to lose weight. In fact, your body fat percentage is only increasing, and you feel weaker every time you workout. WTF!

Understandably, everyone’s reaction is to hit the gym harder and decrease your calorie intake even further, but as counterintuitive as it may seem the solution is usually the opposite.

Eat more and train less! I know, I know, it’s a tuff pill to swallow for all of us hard-core fitness enthusiasts dedicated to reaching our big goals with summer only a few short months away.

Let me explain…

What's a Catabolic Burnout?

At this point you are used to me preaching, “push yourself to your max, do high-intensity interval training,” don’t get it twisted, I still am.

However, If you are always working out at a high-intensity level for extended periods of time (over and hour and a half) without properly nursing your body, and doing so almost every day of the week without recovery days, while I admire your dedication, it becomes counterproductive. A little something they call a catabolic burnout.

A catabolic burnout = during your workouts your body first uses glycogen and glucose (basically simple sugars) for fuel, when you exercise for an extended period (over an hour and a half), your body starts breaking down your muscle tissue so it can use the protein found in the muscle for energy. 

In simple terms, if you are overtraining or spending too much time in the gym every day your body is most likely burning muscle, not the FAT you want to burn, which will ultimately increase your body fat. No Bueno!

How to prevent the catabolic burn out:

  • Do 30 mins- 1 hour of high intensity interval training, 3-5 times a week (preferably 5)

  • Schedule 1-2 rest days a week to give your body time to recover

  • Use BCAA’s/amino acid supplement during or immediately after your workout to replace the amino acids you have broken down during your workout.

There’s no need to spend hours in the gym every day, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Get in there hit it hard for 30 mins - 1 hour. If you find yourself taking over an hour to finish a workout, you are either resting too long in between sets or talking too much, and I say that with nothing but love! 

What has been preventing you from reaching your goals? Let's chat, leave a comment below! 

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