10 Minute Bosu Ball Workout

Have you ever used a Bosu ball during your workouts? Well you should! Don't mistake the Bosu ball for anything less than a nice ass kickin'!

The first time someone tried to get me to use this I was thinking "put that grandma equipment away and give me some real weights", but it turns out, the Bosu ball is seriously one of the most challenging and versatile pieces of workout equipment I use on a regular basis now. 

Any thing from squats to burpees (yes everyones favorite) can be done using it, but the Bosu ball really challenges your balance.

It forces you to engage your core in order to stabilize yourself, which will improve your core strength and balance as well. But proceed with caution ha ha the first time you hop on it might be a little wobbly.

You can even practice by just standing on top, balancing on one foot! (it's defiantly one of those looks easier than it actually is things) 

Try this 10 Minute AMRAP

Set a timer for 10 Minutes and do as many rounds of these three exercises as you can with no rest. 

20 Mountain Climbers (10 on each side)

You want to do these at a slower pace than regular mountain climbers and focus on keeping your core tight, butt down and bringing your knees toward the opposite elbow while keeping your torso stationary.

20 Alternating Side to Side Squats

(10 on each leg)

A tip for these, it helps if you keep your foot top and center of the ball. Be sure you have a wide enough stance to properly do a squat. You squat and then hop over so your foot that was on the Bosu ball is on the floor and the foot leaving the ground is now in the middle of the ball. You want to eventually pick up your pace, but not until you have perfected the form and the hop over.

why am I smiling in the demo, as if, its actually enjoyable? No! my legs burn!

10 Bosu Burpees

It's exactly what it sounds like, a burpee with a bosu ball, kick your legs back into plank position, tuck them back in, stand up and do a shoulder press with the bosu over head. Sounds sooo fun right? :)

Do you have a workout or exercise you like to do on the Bosu Ball? Leave me a comment below, I'd love to try it out! 

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