How to lose weight: workout plans and diet to burn fat

How to lose weight? The simple answer is a weight loss workout plan and a weekly meal plan, but easier said than done, right?

The biggest struggle for me was how to get motivated 🙄to go to the gym and the balancing act of what foods you should eat and what foods you should not eat.

I was finally able to lose weight and keep it off when I followed this simple plan of action.

BUT don't overwhelm yourself with trying to create a weight loss workout plan on your own. I'VE GOT YOU COVERED ❤️

#1 Stop giving “Dieting” a bad rep

Stop with this whole dieting thing, make a lifestyle change. 🙈Not because you want to lose weight, but because you give a sh*t about the one body you have.

Yes, not going to lie, looking good and enjoying cookies on the reg are both towards the top of my priority list, 

but also through trying new diets I realize how much of an effect what you eat has on how your brain functions, energy levels, and mood.

So I’m going to go out on a limb and say 🤔 what you eat has a lot to do with how long you live and how well your body functions as you get older.  

I’m not a scientist, I haven’t done scientific studies on what diet is the best, but I’d venture to say that a diet based on the types of foods you’re eating on a daily basis and how they affect your brain and body is more beneficial than a flexible diet that allows you to eat whatever you want within a certain calorie count each day.💡 #notasermonjustathought

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On a side notethis doesn't mean you can't have the not so healthy foods you love in moderation. 🍕

This doesn't have to mean restricting yourself to eating foods you don't enjoy or under eating. 

A diet simply means making a habit of eating more foods that are beneficial to your health!
I’d start by:

  • Drinking at least 100oz of water a day

  • Avoiding processed foods

  • Cut back on sugars and starches - Now instead of burning carbs for energy, your body starts feeding off of stored fat.

    You should look into a low carb/ keto diet, so YOU can better understand not only the weight loss benefits but more importantly the health benefits.


Benefits of a Keto Diet: 

  • Lowers insulin levels

  • blood sugar tends to go way down

  • triglycerides tend to go up

  • Dense LDL (the bad Cholesterol) goes down

  • HDL (the good cholesterol goes up

  • Blood pressure improves

Don’t worry I already have it planned out for you! I’ve created “The Locker Room” filled with

  • an approved food list

  • 6 of the most important nutrition tips to lose weight

  • a super simple step by step guide to making your own weekly meal plan.

#2 Have a Workout Plan

You don’t need to become a gym fanatic overnight, but you should start by hitting the gym 3-4 days a week.🏋

When you start feeling stronger and can make it through a 45-minute workout session work yourself up to 5-6 days of exercise a week, up the intensity of your workouts, and take shorter breaks between exercises, which will obviously amp up your weight loss. 

What workout do I do?

The fastest way to burn fat is by doing high-intensity interval training. 😅 In other words, you don’t just want to hit the treadmill at a steady pace for 45 mins and then do a few ab exercises.

For an effective, fat burning workout routine you should be including a good mix of:

  1. weight lifting

  2. body weight exercises

  3. strength training

  4. stability/core

and staying in that fat burning zone throughout your workout.

I like to incorporate;

  • Hiit - alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods

  • Tabata- consists of eight rounds of high-intensity exercises, 20 seconds working, 10 seconds resting

Don’t worry I have that waiting for you in  “The Locker Room”

you can download a 5-day workout routine + 5-day cardio plan, or if you’d prefer a step by step guide to planning your own effective workout + a printable workout planner!

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Whether you are new to meal plans and exercise or have hit a plateau on your fitness journey don't hesitate to message me or comment below with any questions! 

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I want to help you get to your after photo so I have created all of these free resources to help you get started:

• A Step- By- Step Guide to Planning the Most Effective Workout + A Printable Workout Planner

• 5 Day Weight Training Workout Plan to Get You Started in the Gym

•The Secrets to Burning Fat