5 Easy Ways To Increase Fat Intake On Keto

THE MYTH: For many years, we are told the best way to lose weight is to stick to a low-fat diet. I guess it only makes sense that if you eat more fat, it will make you fat, but that’s WRONG! Fat can even help you lose more fat. 

THE TRUTH: When it comes to fat loss, increasing fat and decreasing carbohydrates in your diet lower your insulin levels and allows your body to more efficiently burn fat stores for energy, which allows fat to be used to fuel your muscles. 

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The hard part is finding ways to incorporate fats into your diet. If you are already on a Ketogenic diet, you probably are just looking for options other than your usual avocados and coconut oil with every meal! 

1. Choose Fattier Meats

I'm sure you're used to everyone telling you to eat chicken breasts because it's a lean cut of meat for low-fat diets, but we want to do just the opposite.

Ditch the chicken breast and go for chicken thighs from now on in all your chicken recipes.

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You can also add in a few pork and beef meals.

I like baking a pork tenderloin and portioning it out for the week with some mashed cauliflower, and grass-fed butter. 

It's always best to get grass-fed, organic meats when possible. Think about it If a cow isn’t eating nutritious food, it won’t be nutritious for you to eat either.

Go check out my Complete Guide to Shopping Organic, so you know what foods you should and shouldn’t buy Organic.

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 2. Put Grass-Fed Butter on All Your Veggies

Everything tastes better with butter, veggies, eggs, and even your coffee -- yea that ones kind of weird at first but don't knock it before you try it, Keto Bulletproof Coffee

I'd say a good rule of thumb is to use about one tablespoon of grass-fed butter (14g) and the brand I like is Kerry Gold, which I have been able to find in pretty much every grocery store. 

3. Bring Mayo Back into Your Life

All those years of people trying to convince me to use mustard instead of mayo I knew they had it all wrong! But I will say it's important to find a mayo made with olive oil and not vegetable oil--gross or you could make your own to be sure! 

keto mct oil

I like the mayonnaise from Trader Joes, which I use to make my favorite Keto Chicken Salad for lunches.

4. Shots, Shots, Shots… of MCT Oil

MCT oil is usually tasteless, so I take a one tablespoon shot of Perfect Keto MCT oil in the morning or evening if I realize I'm a little short on fat for the day.  

MCTs have been proven to be a fast-acting energy source for your body and brain and supports sustained energy levels, without crashes, and mental clarity.

keto fatbombs

5. Fat Bombs For Dessert

I'm sure you have come across many fat bomb recipes, and usually, they are desserts of some sort. I mean who doesn’t want to add chocolate to their meal plan?! I typically make a batch of fat bombs on Sunday and have one for dessert every evening!

My favorite fat bomb/dessert recipes are

Fudge Brownies

Mini Lemon Cheesecakes

If you incorporate these five suggestions into your Keto meal plan, you will hit your fat intake with no problem.

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