Should Women Lift Heavy Or Use Lighter Weights And Do More Reps?

Will lifting weights make a woman bulky? Is it better to lift weights or do cardio? Ladies lifting weights will not make you bulky, in fact, weight lifting is the best way to burn fat naturally and I'd even encourage you to lift weights every day.

Let's talk about the many benefits of lifting weights for females.


I always hear “I just want to get toned, so I’ll stick with lighter weights.” I hate to drop the bomb, but that won’t do the trick. 🤔 Muscle is Muscle, it can be big or small, but not “toned”. 

But I totally get what you mean…you want your muscles to show, but not too much. Like you want your muscles to maybe get a little bigger and that layer of fat over top to be gone!

So you need just that, build muscle AND lose fat, BUT HOW?🤷🏼‍♀️(PS. there are 2 answers)…

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You really need to strain the muscle in order for it to grow. Heavy lifting basically tears muscles fibers, which (with proper nutrition) rebuild and that’s what makes your muscles grow.

I know the next thing you might be thinking “ I don’t want to look like the hulk”😳 getting super bulky would literally take years, lifting heavy will not turn you into the hulk unless you’re a man or taking drugs that enhance muscle growth.🤯

Building muscle is a gradual process. TRUST ME you will not wake up one morning and look like a body builder.

Let’s just say you start to lift heavy and eventually decide you are happy with the amount of muscles you have gained it’s as simple as you stop lifting heavy at that point and do workouts that maintain your physique.


It’s not like once you start lifting heavy your muscles will just continue growing and growing. It’s a gradual process that you have to work on continuously.

After heavy lifting your body burns fat 4X more efficiently AKA heavy lifting speeds up your metabolism and will turn your body into a fat burning furnace🔥even after you are done working out your body will still be working hard to rebuild those muscles fibers! 

BUT don’t count lighter weights with more reps out of the equation, If you want to burn fat and look “toned” you actually need a combination of heavy and light exercises!😎

Lighter weight for more repetitions helps build muscle endurance, is necessary for transporting nutrients to your muscles and shocks your muscles by changing up your workout routine.


even encourage more things that ARE KEY to getting results: 

  1. Always keep intensity high😅(keep your metabolism high). Meaning rest no longer than a minute in between sets (don’t be that chick sitting on a machine checking instagram for 5 minutes in between sets) Get sweaty and leave nothing on the table. PUSH YOURSELF EVERY WORKOUT

  2. Lifting heavy doesn’t mean lifting weight you can’t handle. Each set increase your weight but never compromise your form.🙅🏼‍♀️ If your goal is to do 10 reps, but rep 7 was a little questionable on the, it's ok every day

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