How To Make Your Own Workout Plan [printable]

So you finally resisted the snooze button and made it to the gym early AF or you drove straight to the gym instead of the more enticing option of going home to relax on the couch. High FiveI

That's the hardest part, but now you're staring at the crowded weight room thinking "ok I'm here, now what should I do at the gym today".

Trying to come up with a workout plan on the spot is probably one of the main reasons you aren't getting results. Let's change that, shall we?

I'm going to show you how to make your own workout plan, so you can start every week with a game plan, walk in the gym with determination and have the most efficient workout every day

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If you have a Plan in hand you will slay the gym

When you get to the gym you should be able to just blast your headphones, get focused and get to work. The only way to do that is if you have planned ahead! Sit down every Sunday and write out a workout plan for your week, this way

  • #1 You're more likely to go to the gym since you already put in the effort to plan it out

  • #2 You won't walk in the gym wasting most of the time trying to figure out what to do

  • #3 You'll start getting better results since you're spending more time sweating and less time trying to figure out what to do next!

The Weekly workout planner is fail proof and will map out the perfect workout plan for women to burn fat, build muscle and enter the gym with determination! 

1.  Download the Weekly Workout Planner

 Let's Fill it Out 

Workout Planner guide .png

2. Fill Out the date and time & make it an official appointment  

You should even write it in your daily planner you use like it's a damn doctors appointment or a meeting that you can't miss! 

3. Now, what type of workouts should I be doing?

Most of us ladies flock to the cardio section of the gym, however,  the most effective type of exercise that burns fat and gets you the toned body you're most likely after is high-intensity interval training and lifting weights.

The workout planner is broken down into 4 circuits, each circuit has 3 exercises. You do all three exercises then rest no more than 30 secs to 1 minute, that's 1 round, do  3 rounds to complete each circuit! 

  • One exercise should be a weighted exercise using dumbbells, kettlebell, cable machine etc. You want to go as heavy as you can for 8-10 repetitions without compromising proper form.

  • The second exercise will just be a body weight exercise, aka no weights needed, for 10- 20 repetitions, but if you want it to be more challenging you can do something with resistance bands, medicine ball or stability ball.

  • The third exercise should really get your heart rate up and start breaking that sweat! Something like mountain climbers, burpees, jog for a minute, bike as fast as you can for 30 seconds, box jumps, jump rope... you get the picture. BURN BABY BURN

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What Body Parts Should I do for each circuit?

 I'd recommend either doing full body every day... so different muscle groups for each circuit. 

For example Monday: Circuit 1 focus on legs,  Circuit 2 focus on back, Circuit 3 focus on Arms and shoulders, Circuit 4 focus on core


Focus on a different muscle group each day

Monday- Legs, Tuesday-Back, Wednesday- Shoulders, Thursday- Arms, Friday- Core, Saturday- Full body or do something you cant do during the week like take a class, go swimming, hiking, biking, something active! 

What Exercises should I do for each Body part?

I was going to just list a bunch of exercises for each muscle group, but then you might not know how to do them. I recommend checking out my "Workouts You Should Try" Pinterest board. I have pinned a bajillion workouts and have them all nicely organized into categories for legs/booty, upper body, core etc!

 I post daily workouts on Instagram @themermaidwithmuscles and on my Facebook page,  Megan Seelinger Fitness so feel free to follow along on either of those so you can have new exercises to try each week 

Ladies, I hope this planner is helpful and I hope you have the best week of workouts ever!

As always please leave a comment below or message me with any questions, I'd love to help you out! 

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