5 Benefits of Exogenous Ketones + Perfect Keto

When I first started a keto diet I honestly questioned do exogenous ketones work? I was already experiencing the mental clarity and weight loss I was hoping to experience from following a keto diet menu and wasn’t sure I really needed to use a supplement too since I was already in ketosis. 

After a little researched I decided to try Perfect Keto and quickly realized why they say using exogenous ketones is the easiest way to support your keto lifestyle.

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Do Ketone Supplements Help You Lose Weight?

First, let me give you a quick overview of ketosis. The idea is to limit the net carbs you consume, this way your body burns its own fat stores for energy instead of glucose.

So yes, ketosis is good for weight loss, because you’re basically training your body to burn fat faster, especially during long workouts when your body needs more energy.

If you’re like me you probably rolled your eyes at this whole “mental clarity thing”, but you have to Keto to believe it!

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Ketones are acids that build up in your body while in ketosis and help you feel mental clarity because they suppress brain glucose consumption

Yea so all of this sounds great, but getting into ketosis can take a little patience and staying there is like a balancing act on a tightrope. 

Once you start using Perfect Keto exogenous ketones you will love the:

  • ease of getting into ketosis

  • constant fat burning

  • avoiding the “Keto Flu”

  • more noticeable mental clarity

  • more energy for exercise

1.Getting into Ketosis

Since you have been on a low fat, higher carb diet since birth your body naturally wants to use glucose for fuel, which is what makes it difficult to get your body into ketosis in the first place. 

By taking Perfect Keto exogenous ketones it lets your body know you want to use ketones for fuel, allowing your body to get into ketosis much quicker and ultimately getting you faster results than just simply following a low net carb diet. 

2. Staying in Ketosis

Using an exogenous ketones supplement is like a daily reminder for your body to continue burning fat for fuel without slipping in and out of ketosis even if you have a meal a little heavier on carbohydrates than usual. 

perfect Keto exogenous Ketones

3. Avoiding the “Keto Flu” 

You’ve probably heard for the keto flu, which is basically a period of bloating, headaches, low energy and irritability you experience when trying to transition your body from using glucose as it’s main source of fuel to using ketones.

Since your body has adjusted to efficiently burning fat for fuel you need to give your body more ketones (exogenous ketones) in order to avoid these symptoms.

4. Mental Clarity

You know how after eating a really big meal loaded with carbohydrates you feel real blah, usually experience brain fog and like you just feel like doing nothing? 

That’s actually caused because your blood-brain barrier doesn’t allow glucose directly to your brain. On the other hand, ketones get through the barrier much easier. 

If you take Perfect Keto exogenous ketones first thing in the morning your brain is provided with up to 6 hours of boosted mental energy!

5. Energy for Exercise

Now that you understand that your body either uses glucose or fat for energy you probably already realize the benefits that exogenous ketones provide during intense exercise. Obviously, you’d prefer your body burn fat to fuel your workout, plus ketones will give your body immediate energy requiring less need for oxygen.

So Why Perfect Keto?

Unlike similar products, Perfect Keto exogenous ketones are made from high-quality beta-hydroxy-butyrate (BHB) and have zero carbs, Zero fillers, and Zero sugars.

If you want a one stop shop you’ll love Perfect Keto Nootropic because it not only includes exogenous Ketones, but it also has MCTs, grass-fed collagen peptides, amino acid, and herbs that really help your body operate at full capacity every day. 

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