14+ Easy Keto Dinners That Don't Require A Recipe

What Should you Eat for dinner on the Keto Diet?

It’s easy to overcomplicate a Keto diet or any healthy lifestyle for that matter, because it seems overwhelming and we automatically assume it’s too expensive to eat healthy Keto meals, you are too busy to be making Keto recipes every night, or your kids and husband won’t like Keto friendly meals.

But the truth is If you want to follow a Keto Diet, you don’t need to make Keto diet recipes every night, you don’t need to buy excessive amounts of pricey organic produce and you can throw together easy Keto dinners that the whole family will enjoy.

For starters, don’t overcomplicate the Keto diet! You’re just eliminating starchy carbs, sugar and processed foods!

If you are just starting Keto, download my Keto Approved food list and meal plan guide that helps you put together a daily meal plan and a printable grocery shopping list to give you a better idea of what foods are Keto friendly.

Easy Keto Dinners that don’t require a recipe

Try to stick to the outer aisles of the grocery store, which is where you will find produce, meats, frozen foods and Dairy. The inner aisles are usually all the processed/pre packaged foods you should try to avoid.

Always try to buy the best quality foods you can afford, but you don’t have to buy all your Keto ingredients organic, use this Buying Organic Guide to help you prioritize what things you do and don’t need to worry about buying organic.

You don’t have to make extensive Keto Recipes! Just like you throw together spaghetti, tacos, and other family favorites you can do the same with easy Keto dinners you just have to find substitutes.

  • instead or rice use cauliflower rice

  • instead of noodles use zoodles

  • instead of sandwich wraps buy coconut wraps

  • instead of white flour use almond or coconut flour

  • instead of sugar bake with monkfruit or stevia

  • instead of bread crumbs use Pork Panko

You can easily find keto friendly alternatives to your favorite sauces, condiments and other ingredients. Check out this list of my favorite Keto Pantry Essentials and find things for your easy keto dinners.


Easy Keto Dinner Ideas that don’t require a recipe

Like I mentioned earlier you can download my Keto approved food list and meal prep guide, which will help you put together easy Keto meals every day.

Your family will have no idea that these easy keto dinner ideas are “keto” or part of your “diet.”

easy keto dinners that don’t require a recipe

1. Pot Roast or Steaks with oven roasted veggies with grass-fed butter

You can season the steak however you’d like, I love sprinkling cauliflower with garlic, salt, pepper and roasting it in the oven!

2. Steaks with sautéed mushrooms and onions

Your husband will love some mushrooms and onions sautéed in grass-fed butter, and you can season the steak however you’d like.

3. Beanless chili in the crockpot

The beans are pretty high in carbs so eliminate those. If you make a large crockpot of chili, this will likely last for two nights of dinner. Optional: make a side of Easy Keto “cornbread.”

easy keto dinners that don’t require a recipe

4. Pork tenderloin or pork chops with roasted veggies with grass-fed butter

Optional: make cauliflower mash, which is a really easy recipe and you’ll likely have leftovers for the next day's lunch. Also, you can try out this “Shake and bake” homemade Pork seasoning.

5. Taco Bowls

If the whole fam isn’t keto grab them a pack of tortillas, but you can have all the same toppings just in a bowl instead of a shell! I previously wrote a blog about how I make my taco bowl.

6. Baked Salmon and Asparagus

I like doing a butter, lemon garlic glaze on my salmon and baking the asparagus with garlic and avocado oil.

7. Grilled Chicken on top of zoodles

You can find Pre-spiraled zoodles in the frozen section or fresh at Trader Joes or whole foods. Add a tablespoon or two of a Keto Friendly Spaghetti Sauce.

easy keto dinners

8. Eggs and Bacon or Omelets

It’s fun to switch it up and have breakfast for dinner, you could even add a little avocado, or you could just whip up some veggie packed omelets.

9. Italian Sausages with Sautéed Green Peppers and Onions

This would be a great one-pot dish.

10. Stuffed Green Peppers

Making stuffed peppers is easy, brown some ground beef, add some seasoning, chopped up onions and peppers, stuff the peppers, top with some freshly grated cheese, and throw them in the oven.

11. Bunless or Lettuce Wrap Cheeseburgers

Who doesn’t love a cheeseburger with a slice of cheddar cheese on top and I like to dip mine in Trader Joes Organic Ketchup

12. Fajita Bowls

Make fajita style chicken or shrimp and veggies and serve it over riced Cauliflower either fresh or from the frozen section at your grocery store.

13. Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Sautée up some shrimp in butter, garlic and lemon and served over riced cauliflower or Zoodles.

14. Grilled Shrimp, Steak or Chicken Kabobs

The kids might even have fun helping you put the cut up veggies on the skewers


More Ideas for Easy Keto Meals

Quick and Easy Keto Recipes

I typically keep it really simple on the week days and I will save any recipes I want to try for the weekends, but check out all the Keto Recipes you could try

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The great thing about a Keto Diet is that you can easily find Keto dinner options on any restaurant menu. Here is a list of 13+ Keto friendly Restaurants and exactly what to order!

If you have any more questions about Keto or meal prepping leave them in the comments below. I’m always here to help!