Perfect Keto Breakfast Avocado Deviled Eggs

To me, the perfect Keto breakfast needs to be something I can grab and go or nine out of ten times I will end up not having time to make breakfast and end up grabbing Starbucks. 

These Perfect Keto Breakfast Avocado Deviled eggs are not only the perfect deviled egg recipe, but they can also be considered an easy keto breakfast on the go. 

I’ve always thought of deviled eggs as an appetizer for parties or family get-togethers but never considered making them for my Keto Breakfast meal prep. 

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I actually just made the deviled eggs for a Keto snack, but every morning when I was staring in the fridge trying to figure out what to have with my Keto Iced Mocha, I defaulted to the avocado deviled eggs, because they were so easy to grab without having to get out the frying pan. 

So I refuse to fight it any longer lol avocado deviled eggs was just meant to be an easy keto breakfast recipe. 

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So I keep saying “Easy” Keto deviled eggs, but we all know hard boiling eggs is a pain in the you know what.

I literally have tried all the tricks; hard-boiled eggs in the microwave, hardboiled eggs instant pot, tossing in some baking soda or giving the eggs a nice ice bath, but let's just face it peeling a hard-boiled egg is kind of a disaster. 

Well, I’m about to make hard boiling eggs the easiest thing you’ve ever done! I discovered the Cuisinart Egg Central Egg Cooker. It’s a hard boiled egg game changer and makes peeling them so freaking easy. 

The egg cooker comes with different trays so you can make omelets, soft boil, hard boiled or literally, however, you want them. You can hard boil up to a dozen eggs at one time too!

I’m not exactly sure how it works, but you basically fill this cup up with a certain amount of water depending on how you want them cooked and put it into the bottom of the cooker, put the lid on, flip the switch to on and within 10 minutes you have the perfect hard-boiled eggs ever. 

After Hard boiling the eggs and peeling them you obviously cut the eggs in half,  mix all the ingredients together and then spoon the avocado mixture back into the egg white halves and voila you have your Perfect Keto Breakfast avocado Deviled Eggs.

If you try out this recipe be sure to tag me on instagram @themermaidwithmuscles so I can see how it turned out!

Keto Avocado Deviled Eggs Recipe

 Makes 12 deviled eggs

Prep time: 10 Minutes

Cook time:10 Minutes


  • 6 Hardboiled and peeled Eggs

  • 1 Avocado

  • 2 tablespoons of mayo

  • 2 tablespoons red onion, diced

  • 1/4 of a fresh Squeezed lime

  • 1 teaspoon cilantro finely chopped

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • paprika


  1. Cut the hardboiled eggs in half length wise, add the yolks to a medium bowl and place the egg white halves onto a platter.

  2. Add the 1/2 of the avocado, mayo, lime juice, cilantro, onion, salt and pepper to the bowl with the egg yolks. Use a fork to mash it all together until well combined.

  3. Dice the remaining 1/2 of the avocado into small pieces and gently mix into mixture. 

  4. Spoon the mixture evenly into the 12 egg white halves and add a dash of paprika to each one

avocado deviled egg recipe

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